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Incontinent and Belly Protection for Male Dogs 

dog wearing diaper  that keeps his belly dry

Incontinent Belly Protection on Wireframe dog

our dog Forest outside wearing incontinence belly protection diaper

Our pet dog Forest wearing the Incontinent Belly Protection

our dog forrest with incontinence belly protection diaper

Closeup of Incontinent Belly Protection on Forest our pet

Finally, a male dog incontinent solution that keeps his belly dry and free from sores while still containing the urine!

Closeup wireframedog wearing dry belly diaper

Incontinent Belly Protection on Wireframe dog closeup

When your male dog becomes incontinent you become dependent on male dog diapers. There are a few different types, but all male dog diapers have one thing in common. They all wrap around the dog’s belly and fasten at the top. Although they (diapers) collect most of the urine, they also hold the urine against the dog’s belly. This is a problem as the dog will develop urine sores and rash. These can get bad enough to develop bleeding sores and scabs. They are very painful and irritating to the dog. All male dog diapers trap moisture to the dog’s belly. This is a health problem for the dog.  This is why we developed our urine collection system. We use woman’s sanitary pads with cover the dog’s penis but leave the dog’s belly exposed. This pad is supported and held in place with straps that wrap around the dog and are connected on the dogs back. This system works well with no slippage keeping the pad in place where it needs to be.

A nice feature of our system is that, the cost of woman’s sanitary pads are less expensive than dog diapers. Our system can save you as much as $40.00 per month over the cost of dog diapers.

our dog Forest wearing a standard wraparound diaper causes belly sores

Our pet dog Forest wearing a typical diaper

You dogs health is important, even when he is dealing with urine leakage problems. Don't complicate his problems with belly sores.

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