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Medical-IP is a company that looks for solutions for any problem.  We have focused on issues in the medical industry, but we have developed many problem solving products that are not medical. We look for problems that need to be solved. We havedeveloped a pain salve that works getter than any other pain salve. We have developed anti-microbial surface materials for Hospitals to replace current materials that promote growth of pathogens, bacteria , virus, and fungus/mold. We developed a surgical instrument cleaning system that cleans surgical instruments @ 9 million more cells per cells left than hospitals currently clean.  We as a company are committed to recognizing problems, and making a full commitment to finding a solution. In this spirit we are grateful for finding a way for many people (no guarantees that it will help everyone with pain issues) to reduce their pain. This salve is a non-addicting way to reduce pain without diminishing mental clarity or affecting motor skills. This salve is not guaranteed to remove all pain,


from People Using the Salve

This is a pain salve that works! Over 9,000 people have found pain relief using this salve.  For you who are not aware of our product. We have had 2,000 with knee pain, 50 canceled their knee surgery, 1,500 with foot pain (arthritis, bone spurs, Plantar fasciitis, gout, Arch cramps), Cranky Leg syndrome from diabetes, 2,700 with shoulder acks, & pain, Arthritis and carpel tunnel in hands, 2,500s with back pain, migraine headaches, and menstrual cramps  Please ask us if anyone has had your type of pain let us tell you Pain salve that works! Over 9,100 people have found pain relief using this salve. Please ask us if anyone with your pain have gotten relief. Of the people who have tried it & have used CBD have stated that this salve is 50 to 100 times better. There is no CBD or marijuana in this salve

N99 Face Mask

Imagine if everyone wore a face mask. Better yet imagine if everyone wore a facemask that gave protection from particles as small as the corona virus. We did & of the several thousand who bought & wore our N99 facemask we have not had anyone report getting the virus while wearing the mask.

dog wearing  diaper holder that keep the belly dry

Our pet Forest had a hernia & his bladder came thru & out of the hernia. When the Drs. repaired his hernia &  they put his bladder back in its proper place, he began to leak urine. We put the standard diaper on him & after a while the urine in his diaper began to irritate his belly causing bleeding sores. We looked for anything to collect the urine & not cover the belly. Nothing existed so we developed our system & the sores healed  

My name is Larry Artis;

I am 66 yrs of age and have a sports injury from playing basketball. I got a circumference sprain which causes pain on both sides of my ankle. It hurts when I walk, and has troubled me for years. I met John in the library, resulting in the opportunity to apply some of the "John HOPSkins Ultimate Pain Salve" on my ankle. In a short while I stood up and started to walk. After taking three steps, I stopped, turned around and in shock, said "it doesn't hurt anymore." My ankle was pain free for the first time in years. I'm so excited about this salve that I'm taking it to all of my friends to try. They are seeing the same results. I have not experienced any negative side effects. I can't give any higher recommendation for this miracle salve.


Larry Artis

Cynthia B.


4:48AM   5/3/2022

I have arthritis in both knees and am in constant pain. I tried the "John HOPSkins Ultimate Pain Salve", and within a couple of minutes I was pain free for the first time in two years. Amazing! 

OR  Cabinets for Surgical Room

Using an antimicrobial material for cabinets in a hospital should be required absolute. Unfortunately most hospital cabinets are plastic laminate coated particle board. The particle board is Cellulose which is a growth medium for fungus, Bacteria, and virus. As it holds moisture it promotes this growth. This is a deadly choice in a healthcare facility.

Our plastic material does a better job than even stainless steel, Reducing pathogen growth.            Ask us for a quote today

corian scrubsink with fixtures

Corian and antimicrobial plastic make good healthy choices for scrub sinks, reducing pathogen growth and giving healthy color choices. Also giving design choices not available with stainless steel.  Ask us for a quote today.

Bethann R.

I have Lupus & Fibromyalgia. I suffer from these disorders and as a result I have limited rotational and bending movement without pain. I am forced to spend much of my time laying down. With much of my pain in my abdomen and back. I also have a limited ability of rotation and reach. I applied this new salve “John HOPSkins Ultimate Pain Salve” and then didn’t think about it. A short time later I got up and went into the kitchen. Again, not thinking about it I reached for things including rotational reach movements and suddenly I realized I did them. all without felling the normally expected pain.  I was doing things that usually cause me pain and was pain free. The relief was so subtle that I accomplished the movements and just didn’t realize until after I was experiencing relief of my pain. WOW. I was so excited that I shared my salve with my sister, who suffers pain in her hands from the work she does. My sister applied the salve and experienced almost instant relief (no pain in her hands) immediately. I was so exited I gave her my salve and had to buy more!!!

Andrea Hauer,  April 23 2023

I visited the expo in Jackson today and used your balm on my feet. It’s amazing that my feet are in no pain after wearing heels most of the day. I talked your balm up on Facebook and posted a photo of your brochure to encourage others to give it a try. 

Copper door handle w key set wood door

Copper door handles gives an antimicrobial surface and a pleasing color.       Ask us for a quote today.

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